Photo Essays

Meet a religious leader helping to end polio in Pakistan.
In a complex environment, partners of the polio programme are working to vaccinate every child.
The innovations making a difference to outbreak response.
Protecting refugees, returnees and other travelers from the poliovirus is a full-time job along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
In Iraq, polio vaccinators work to protect conflict-affected children.
In Pakistan and across the world, the poliovirus surveillance system and laboratory network are critical to eradication efforts.
What does it take to vaccinate every child in Afghanistan?
In at-risk areas of Chad, large-scale polio campaigns are increasing the immunity of every child.
Women are critical in the drive to eradicate polio in Afghanistan. In one of the final strongholds of the polio virus, vaccination coverage is improving as female vaccinators have more access to children.
Volunteer community health workers responding to the outbreak of cholera are one of the most powerful means to help curb the spread of disease.
In July and August, health workers and volunteers vaccinated hundreds of thousands of children in targeted campaigns in Syria to protect them from an outbreak of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus
The polio eradication programme is reaching the most hard to access children and families on the move with vaccines in Pakistan.
Meet the frontline health workers and community mobilizers who are striving to reach and protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children in Borno, north-east Nigeria.
Through this photo story, meet some of the health care workers and families ensuring all children are protected against polio on the borders of Afghanistan.
Through this series of photos, see the different puzzle pieces that need to be put into place to secure a polio-free Africa, once and for all.