Clinical Trials and Seroprevalence Surveys

The research team at GPEI supports a range of clinical trials and seroprevalence surveys that help to advise the eradication programme. The partners provide technical assistance, working in collaboration with institutes including PATH, academic institutions, national institutes for public health and national regulatory authorities.

Clinical Trials

On-going clinical trials principally evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of newly developed vaccines, new devices for vaccine administration and alternative vaccine schedules. We also support trials that target key scientific questions to provide scientific rationale to drive future global policy.

Seroprevalence Surveys

Over the years the programme has supported the implementation of periodic seroprevalence surveys as a tool to evaluate program performance and to understand the risk of poliovirus spread. These were implemented in endemic and high risk countries, such as Pakistan, Nigeria and India, as well as in other programmatically important areas such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, West Africa and others.

Clinical trials and seroprevalence surveys publications