Integration is one of five key strategic objectives in the 2022-2026 Polio Eradication strategy.

Integration Activities to Date have Focused on Campaign Quality, Routine Immunisation and Integrated Service Delivery

Polio is currently the only Public Health Emergency of International Concern operating within an International Health Regulations (IHR) framework with Member State accountability.  As the Interruption goal gets closer the focus will shift to strengthened surveillance for certification purposes while integration activities will increasingly  focus on preparing surveillance systems and emergency response capacity for transition – to maintain a polio free world.

Integration Priorities

As of July 2023, the GPEI has strengthened its global integration function, undertaking a renewed effort to support integration activities and better document these efforts. The program will provide enhanced program management and coordination support to regions and countries carrying out these activities, as well as greater transparency around the opportunities for integration at all levels of the GPEI.

For more information on Integration, including current examples of Integration activities in the Endemics and Consequential Geographies, please access the latest fact sheet from April 2024.

For additional details and technical information on country Integration activities, please contact the EMU.