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Polio eradication this week:

  • Ministers of Health from around the world are meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, this week for the annual World Health Assembly. The Ministers will discuss a number of topics related to public health, including polio eradication. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative has prepared a status report for delegates.
  • The 11th IMB report has been published this week, reporting on progress towards polio eradication and making recommendations.
  • Polio staff continue to offer support to the humanitarian response to the devastating earth quakes in Nepal. Read more
  • Liberia and Sierra Leone have conducted polio and measles vaccination campaigns during the first week of May. These are the first campaigns conducted in these countries since 2013 (due to the Ebola outbreak).


Key publications



  • Polio eradication report to the 68th World Health Assembly (May 2015) [pdf]  English | Français |

       Draft resolution proposed by the Secretariat WHA68/21 Add.1












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