Polio Research Committee

Established in 2008, the Polio Research Committee (PRC) provides guidance on the overall strategic direction of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s global programme of research, which encompasses dozens of projects from a wide range of core scientific disciplines.

Specifically, the PRC provides guidance to the GPEI on long-term risk management for the post-eradication era, as well as on identifying, developing and evaluating new tools and tailored eradication tactics to maximise the impact of eradication efforts to more rapidly interrupt wild poliovirus transmission globally.

In this capacity, the PRC reviews polio eradication-related research, identifies knowledge gaps, proposes appropriate studies, determines research priorities and funding levels, reviews external research proposals and engages potential new collaborators.

The PRC is comprised of global experts from a variety of disciplines, including virology, epidemiology, sociology and public health.

Polio Research Committee is inviting new members through a call for experts.