Country Transition Planning

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has supported many countries across the world to become polio-free, and over 90% of the GPEI resources that contributed to this achievement exist at the country level. As the world comes closer to the certification of global eradication, GPEI resources will gradually decrease, until the eventual closure of the programme.

These changes in financing require countries to proactively plan for a transition away from GPEI resources. To manage these changes successfully, governments are leading the development of national transition plans that determine what polio functions will be integrated into other existing initiatives, and what functions may be deprioritized or phased out. Each national plan addresses local needs and priorities for broader health, with particular focus on essential immunization, emergency response and primary healthcare and universal health coverage.

Every country with staff, systems, and infrastructure that are funded by GPEI is planning for this transition. There are 16 countries that together receive over 90% of the GPEI resources that have been identified as a priority for transition planning. In addition, four countries (Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen) with fragile health systems have been added. Polio transition activities are pursued under a global mandate from the World Health Assembly WHO, together with UNICEF, supports the these countries to develop and implement their transition plans.

Priority countries

Afghanistan Chad Indonesia Pakistan
Angola Democratic Republic of the Congo Myanmar Somalia
Bangladesh Ethiopia Nepal South Sudan
Cameroon India Nigeria Sudan

Strategic Shifts in Transition Planning

Since polio transition planning began, several strategic shifts have been made to ensure that the transition process is aligned with global, regional and country priorities, and responds to the changed global health context.

The country planning process is being monitored by the Transition Independent Monitoring Board.