GPEI Lessons Learned Project

The Johns Hopkins University is leading a project to document lessons learned from GPEI, and translating those lessons to improve delivery of other lifesaving health programmes and strengthening health systems globally.

As an initial step in the project, a global survey is underway to map tacit knowledge of GPEI actors about implementation challenges (and the contexts in which those arose).

The specific objectives of the survey are:

  • Map tacit knowledge (ideas, approaches and experiences that were not documented, but relevant for both intended and unintended results) about GPEI under various context typologies
  • Identify key facilitators for GPEI programme implementation
  • Identify key implementation challenges, the level where they originated from (global, national, subnational), and how they were resolved.

The target audience for the global survey includes:

  • Individuals who have been directly involved in implementing activities under the GPEI between 1988 to date. Implementing activities refer to all cycles of implementation, including GPEI-related funding, policy, programming, and research cycles. The population includes individuals who have spent 12 or more continuous months working on activities under the GPEI between 1988 to date.

If you meet the specifications of the target audience, your participation is requested in this online survey, which takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

How to participate in the survey

Access to the survey can be granted by reaching out to the project team at with your name and organization.

Further questions about the projects or requests can be directed to the same email address.