GPEI Lessons Learned Project

The Synthesis and Translation of Research and Innovations from Polio Eradication (STRIPE) project was designed to map, synthesize, and disseminate lessons learned from polio eradication to improve current and future global health initiatives, and strengthen health systems locally. The project is led by the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA and implemented through a global consortium of academic institutions and other key stakeholders in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

This work resulted in the development of many knowledge products including 3 Massive Open Online Courses available on Future Learn, and a series of freely available educational modules and materials that can be incorporated into existing courses and trainings for diverse audiences, and peer-review articles. There are additional in-country courses and workshop activities being planned by consortium partners in various countries – and some of the educational materials will be incorporated into formal educational programs, including MPH and certificate/degree programs in Implementation Science in these countries.

The project will like to acknowledge the support and subject matter expertise of the members of the Technical Advisory Committee in shaping the various knowledge products. The project team will also like to thank all agencies, institutions, their representatives or individuals who participated in the survey, key informant interviews and contributed to various project activities.

Visit the STRIPE website to learn more about our consortium and approach and to explore our many products. For any additional information or questions, you can reach out to the project team at