Current Contributions and Pledges, 2013-2020

On 12 June 2017 during Rotary International’s Convention in Atlanta, at an event titled “Drop to Zero”, global leaders recommitted to the importance of a polio-free world, celebrated the incredible progress made so far and pledged financial support, totaling US$1.2 billion against the additional US$1.5 billion needed to finally eradicate polio. These new funds, along with those previously committed over the 2013-2017 period, leave a funding gap of US$300 million out of US$7 billion until 2020. The GPEI will continue to work with partners to ensure the remaining funding gap is fully financed.

Meeting GPEI’s funding requirements, 2013-2020

(All figures in US$)

As of June 2017 (1) Based on the 2015 MTR and the 2015/2016 GPEI budget review process (2) Based on the breakdown of pledges made to the GPEI at the Atlanta Pledging Moment as well as pledges made at or since the April 2013 Vaccine Summit; includes carry-forward.

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Annual Funding Overview

The financing section of the GPEI Annual Report profiles the public and private donors who have contributed and provides a brief summary of funding highlights for the year. Read the latest Annual Report.