Country Transition Planning

In a number of countries, the polio programme has provided the largest external source of technical assistance for immunization and surveillance, reaching hundreds of millions of children with other health interventions alongside polio vaccines. Transition planning provides an opportunity to leverage the resources invested in these assets to provide other critical health interventions. In the 16 countries that have the greatest polio eradication infrastructure, country governments supported by the partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are planning for how to transition these assets to other health programmes where possible. These plans will outline how polio eradication will be secured by continuing vaccination, surveillance and containment, what the health needs of each country are and how the assets of the eradication infrastructure could be used to help meet these needs.

Priority countries for transition planning

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Priority Countries: Priority countries where Transition Planning is under way or soon to be initiated
Endemic Countries: High priority endemic countries where Transition Planning is under way


Transition Planning Toolkit