Containment Strategy Documents

The GPEI Strategy for Global Poliovirus Containment defines high-level containment principles that must be carried forward by all containment stakeholders. It is intended to elaborate the polio containment principles outlined in the GPEI Polio Eradication Strategy 2022–2026.

To support GPEI partners and Member States with commitments towards poliovirus containment, the Global Poliovirus Containment Action Plan 2022–2024 presents distinct goals and objectives for poliovirus containment as outlined in the Strategy for Global Poliovirus Containment

Polio Post-Certification Strategy

The polio Post-Certification Strategy is a comprehensive strategy that was developed to define the global technical standards or core set of activities that will be needed in order to sustain a polio-free world after global certification of wild poliovirus eradication.  


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