GPEI Multi-year Budget 2019-2023

This interactive budget tool shows an overall summary of the 2019-2023 GPEI budget, as well as detailed snapshots of the budget across different categories. More details about the budget are available.

GPEI Budget 2019-2023 as at 28 September 2018 – in US dollars

This financial information reflects official figures from the 2019-2023 GPEI budget, as approved by the GPEI Polio Oversight Board on 20 November 2019.

As the GPEI adapts its approaches due to increasing outbreaks, further compounded by COVID-19, financial resource requirements (FRR) are expected to increase. The GPEI is currently undertaking financial and risk modeling to update FRRs for the 2020-2023 period. All updates will be posted on the GPEI website.

For information on GPEI’s work during COVID, please refer to the GPEI/COVID brief.