Livestream event on polio eradication in Africa – WHO AFRO Regional Committee, 25 August

‘Delivering on a promise – Achieving and sustaining a polio-free Africa’

nOPV2 Vaccination at Guilding Angel School Tunga, Minna, Niger. © WHO/AFRO

A year ago, on 25 August 2020, the World Health Organization announced the declaration of a wild poliovirus free Africa – an unparalleled success, achieved thanks to the commitment, leadership and engagement of public and civil societies across the continent.

What lessons can be drawn from this historic public health success, particularly in the midst of other pressing public health emergencies, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic? How can the commitments which led to the successful interruption of wild poliovirus be leveraged to address the ongoing threat of circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses in the region? And how can the vast polio eradication infrastructure be utilised to support broader public health efforts, long after the disease itself is gone?

Join WHO AFRO on 25 August 2021 to mark 12 months since the regional certification of a wild poliovirus-free status, for a live, interactive and engaging discussion on how to sustain this success, how to rid the region of all other remaining forms of poliovirus and how to capitalise on this success to help tackle other public health threats affecting the region. Hosted by the WHO Regional Director for Africa, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the event will provide an important opportunity to reiterate commitment to improve quality of polio outbreaks response, strengthen routine immunization and build strong primary health care systems.

This special event on polio will bring together Ministers of Health or government representatives from the region, leadership from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and other key partners and stakeholders.

The event will be livestreamed on Facebook and on Twitter (handle @WHOAFRO 15:00–17:00 West Africa Standard Time, 25 August)


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