Independent Monitoring Board

The IMB independently evaluates progress towards each of the major milestones of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative Strategic Plan 2013-2018, evaluates the impact of any ‘mid-course corrections’ that are deemed necessary, and advises on additional measures appropriate to achieving the plan’s milestones.

Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE)

SAGE is the principal advisory group to the World Health Organization (WHO) for vaccines and immunization. It advises WHO on global policies and strategies, ranging from vaccine and technology, research and development, to delivery of immunization and its linkages with other health interventions. SAGE is concerned will all vaccine-preventable diseases.

Technical Advisory Groups

Technical advisory groups review the status of polio eradication at the country and sub-regional level, and give technical advice on local strategy, priorities and programme operations. Group membership is made up of national and international public health experts.

Polio Research Committee

The Polio Research Committee (PRC) provides guidance on overall strategic direction in research, identifies unmet research needs, and assists in identifying investigators and designing studies to answer unanswered research questions.

Global Certification Commission

The Global Certification Commission oversees the certification process for polio eradication. It also receives and reviews regional commission reports and – if and when appropriate – will issue a report to the WHO Director-General to certify that the circulation of wild polioviruses has been interrupted globally.

Regional Certification Commissions

Comprised of public health and scientific experts, regional certification commissions independently verify polio eradication for all countries in the region.

Advisory Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication

The Advisory Committee on Polio Eradication (ACPE) was the global technical advisory body of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and was disbanded in 2010 ahead of the formation of the Independent Monitoring Board.