Containment Supporting Groups

WHO is establishing two new groups to support poliovirus containment activities


The Containment Advisory Group (CAG) will act as an advisory body to the Director-General of WHO, and will make recommendations on technical issues related to the implementation of GAPIII.

The Containment Working Group (CWG), under the Global Commission for the Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication (GCC), will review the national containment certification of poliovirus-essential facilities (PEFs) and make recommendations to the GCC. Its aim is to provide the required level of assurance that GAPIII requirements are appropriately identified, implemented and monitored, following the Containment Certification Scheme (CCS).


Global Certification Commission Containment Working Group (GCC-CWG)

The selection process for membership of the GCC-CWG is complete. WHO is informing applicants of the outcome of their applications.

Containment Advisory Group (CAG)

Applications for membership of the CAG have closed and the membership selection process is ongoing.