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An innovative new product may help the polio program to spare doses of IPV.
There is now one month to go until the globally synchronised project in the history of vaccination: the removal of the type two component of the oral polio vaccine
Safe and affordable inactivated polio vaccine for low-income countries
From reaching every child with polio vaccines to ensuring their children receive the protection they deserve, women are at the heart of polio eradication efforts. Today, we thank them all for their tireless commitment to children
Supplement highlights key programmatic innovations that led to success.
A new short film shows why it is so important to plan for how the polio infrastructure can be used to meet broader health needs, both now and in the future.
There are just eight weeks to go until the switch from trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine in April 2016
Through this series of short videos, learn about the polio vaccines, the phased removal of the oral polio vaccine and poliovirus containment
The Expert Review Committee in Nigeria met in February to assess the risks that need to be overcome in order to bring Nigeria closer to finishing polio once and for all.
At the Ministerial Conference on Immunization on 24 – 25 February, discussions on harnessing polio’s lessons and infrastructure to support other public health interventions will plan for building on the GPEI’s success.
Dr Ousmane Diop explains the importance of one of the innovations that will bring us closer to a polio-free world
In the face of considerable security challenges, Iraq has introduced the inactivated poliovirus vaccine into its routine immunization system.
"We still have areas that could risk it all," cautions chair
At the end of four years as Director of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Dr Hamid Jafari reflects on twenty years of experience, the lessons learned and what it will take to finish the job.
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