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An EndPolioNow tulip initiative is an example of efforts made by Rotarians across the world to help in the fight against the poliovirus
Following the detection of vaccine-derived poliovirus in the sewage system in Hyderabad, a vaccination campaign has been held to boost immunity and prevent a poliovirus outbreak.
In Pakistan, two vaccines and thousands of skilled workers are making a real difference by boosting the immunity of the most at-risk children to protect them against polio.
United Arab Emirates paves the way for continued progress against polio in Pakistan
With nearly two years since the last case of wild polio on the continent, the Africa Regional Certification Commission has met to review progress.
A milestone for polio eradication efforts in Nigeria highlights the need for renewed energy and commitment to eradicate the poliovirus for good.
Significant progress in strengthening polio surveillance has been seen in the last year in Afghanistan according to a recent review.
Experts gathered in Afghanistan earlier this month to review progress and to renew plans for the coming year.
Experts gathered in Pakistan in June to review progress and to renew plans for the coming months.
The Expert Review Committee in Nigeria has emphasised that this is no time for complacency, with much still needed to keep the country polio-free.
Michel Zaffran, Director of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, talks to Rotary International about why it is important to trace every last virus in order to eradicate polio for good.
The knowledge, skills and infrastructure built to end polio are helping to make dramatic progress on improving children’s health more broadly.
In April 2016, countries around the world came together to withdraw the type two component of the oral polio vaccine and bring the world closer towards eradicating polio once and for all
The leaders of the Group of Seven have reaffirmed their commitment to ending polio once and for all during the Ise-Shima Summit presided by the Government of Japan on 26-27 May 2016
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