Investment Case

The financial needs of the GPEI for the 2013-2018 period were first presented at the Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi in April 2013, where donors and stakeholders committed over US$ 4 billion towards the original US$ 5.5 billion budget. Since then, the GPEI partners have worked to fully operationalize those commitments and secure additional funding.

In September 2015, further to an in-depth review of the Strategic Plan and the prevailing epidemiology, the Polio Oversight Board of the GPEI confirmed the opportunity to interrupt wild poliovirus transmission in Afghanistan and Pakistan and highlighted the importance to fully fund and implement the Strategic Plan. To succeed and certify the world polio-free by the turn of the decade, it was assessed that an additional US$ 1.5 billion is urgently needed.

The Investment Case for Polio Eradication has been developed by the GPEI to help facilitate increased contributions to fully fund the Strategic Plan until certification. It showcases the broader benefits of and innovations of the polio programme, what is at stake if the job is not finished and how the Initiative is working to ensure success. Fully funding the remainder of the budget is critical to ensure the programme can react to new challenges with equal speed, continue executing the long-term components of the Strategic Plan and make sure the polio infrastructure benefits other health programmes. The additional funding will solidify and protect the significant health gains that the polio programme has fostered.

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